New Zealand Steel

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Environmental Responsibility in Action


President Mr Bill Jacob (left)welcomes Ambassador McCormick to New Zealand SteelUnited States Ambassador William McCormick visited New Zealand Steel's plant at Glenbrook, south of Auckland on Tuesday, February 13.

After touring the Steelmaking plant and Hot Rolling Mills, Ambassador McCormick commented on how impressed he was with the Company’s operation.

"I was particularly impressed by New Zealand Steel's commitment to making heavy industry environmentally friendly, recycling and energy conservation are key aspects of their operation," he said.

The Ambassador added that the Company’s efforts were a perfect example of the private sector being responsible and tackling head on the issue of climate change, which affects us all.

"The Glenbrook facility combines environmental responsibility and sustainable economic growth. It's an impressively high tech company producing world class products in a beautiful kiwi setting."

President, Bill Jacob had extended an invitation to Ambassador McCormick in November 2006 at the American Chamber of Commerce Awards (New Zealand Steel was named "Exporter of the year for goods").

Ambassador McCormick was accompanied by Mr John Desrocher, U.S Consul General in Auckland, Mr Tom Walsh, U.S Embassy Economic Officer, and Mr Mike Hearn, Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand.