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COLORSTEEL® Endura™ Guidelines for Use

Limitations of Use

COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel products are not recommended for use in very severe environments, ie within approximately 100 metres of breaking surf or corrosive industrial emissions. (Very severe marine environments are characterised by heavy salt deposits and the almost constant smell of salt spray in the air.) Refer to New Zealand Steel Environmental Categories Guide  for further information on the definition of corrosive environments. (For very severe environments, COLORSTEEL® Maxx™ prepainted steel may be suitable). Before using COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel products near sources of industrial pollution or in geothermal areas, consult the Technical Market Manager, New Zealand Steel.

COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel products should not be used in the following applications:

Copper or brass pipes must not be allowed to discharge onto COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel products or be allowed to come into contact with them. The use of other materials in proximity to COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel products must be in accordance with the New Zealand Steel Specifiers and Builders Guide. Mixing of brands of prepainted material on the same building is not recommended by New Zealand Steel Limited.

The reaction between ZINCALUME® steel and lead flashings will degrade the ZINCALUME® steel material. Soft zinc or aluminium flashings should be used. Marking with lead pencils is not advised, and sealing washers should be low carbon non–conducting. Refer to the New Zealand Steel Installers Guide under the 'Marking, Cutting and Drilling' section.


Areas of COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel not regularly washed with rain water, such as wall claddings, unwashed areas and areas of high risk, must be routinely washed to remove surface deposits to ensure satisfactory life is obtained from the product. Specific maintenance recommendations are given in the table below. Check guttering and downpipes regularly and remove any debris which may lead to ponding or flooding. Always wear soft soled shoes when walking on COLORSTEEL® surfaces to avoid causing damage.

Maintenance Recommendations for COLORSTEEL® Endura™ Products Used for Roofing and Wall Cladding

Moderate ISO Category 3 Severe ISO Category 4 Very Severe ISO Category 5
Roof Rain washing Rain washing Not recommended
Wall cladding Rain washing plus manual washing every year Rain washing plus manual washing every 6 months Not recommended
Unwashed and High Risk Areas Manual washing every 6 months Manual washing every 3 months Not recommended



Installation details for COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel product are contained in the New Zealand Steel Installers Guide.


For more information, please see Information Bulletin 10: Fasteners for Roofing and Walling Products.

Sealing and Joining:

Touch-up Paints: These paints should not be used, as air drying paints have different weathering characteristics to the COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel coating. For more information, see Information Bulletin 5: Touch-Up Paints and COLORSTEEL® Building Products.

Clean-up: All debris (particularly from roofing installation) must be removed from COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel product surfaces at the end of each day’s work. Take care not to damage the coating when removing sharp fixing debris. For more information, see Information Bulletin 7: Swarf Staining of Steel Roofing and Cladding.

External Moisture

COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel roof cladding must be installed at a minimum of 3° or over the minimum pitch given for the profile by the profile manufacturer, whichever is greater. Factors likely to affect the resistance of COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel to external moisture include the quality of the installation, severity of the climate, roof configuration, material profile and design and execution of junctions between similar materials and other elements.

Spread of Fire

COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel comprises a combustible surface adhered to a noncombustible substrate. Used on roofs, it meets the requirements of NZBC C3/AS1 in all purpose groups. Refer to C3/AS1 Section 4.0 External Walls and Roofs which covers vertical and horizontal spread of fire.

Hazardous Building Materials

The use of roofing and wall claddings manufactured from COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel in accordance with New Zealand Steel’s instructions will meet the nonhazardous performance requirements of NZBC F2.3.1.

Handling and Storage

If COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel products are to be stored for any time prior to forming or installation, they must be stored in dry, well ventilated conditions. Storage which allows water (including condensation) to be trapped between the sheets may damage the coating beyond repair. COLORSTEEL® Endura™ prepainted steel products must be handled carefully during transport, fabrication and fixing to avoid damaging the surface.