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Emergency Response


On Saturday 19th June New Zealand Steel held a simulated emergency exercise to test the capability of local and city resources in the escalating response of a large scale incident. 

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The exercise comprised a mixture of practical on-site and desktop simulations.  About sixty volunteer and paid fire service personnel attended the exercise with fifteen appliances and specialist units. Some senior command officers were in attendance and several umpires and observers monitored progress during the four hour exercise.

New Zealand Steel's Industrial Fire Brigade provided the first level of response and was tested in fire and Breathing Apparatus (BA) rescue before hand over to external brigades.  It then provided continuing support under the Fire Service control .

"The exercise was a great success," said Pauline Hutter, Occupational Health & Safety Manager.  Many support people from NZ Steel were involved including our Site Emergency Services Team, medical staff, volunteers with local brigades and many employees willed other roles.

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"Our Emergency Response Team, made up of employee volunteers, only became operational as an Industrial Fire Brigade last August and was commended by the Fire Service personnel for the quality of their work during the exercise."