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Customer Checklist

How do I select the right COLORSTEEL® product?

There are several questions that you should ask when selecting your COLORSTEEL® product to ensure that you get the right product. These are listed below to assist you with making your decision.

Where is the building site?

What is the environmental category for this site and what products are suitable?

Check our New Zealand Steel Environmental Categories Guide for details. 

Will I get a warranty for product I have chosen in this location?

Residential Warranty information is also included in the Environmental Categories brochure above.

Select a colour from either the Maxx™ or Endura™ range.

Our 'features' pages on  COLORSTEEL® Endura™ and COLORSTEEL® MAXX™  show the colours available.  Alternatively you can contact one of our nationwide Distributors or request a Colour Chart from New Zealand Steel.

Can I access a steel sample?

Certainly, our nationwide Distributors can provide samples to you.

What profiles are available?

Our distributors (or rollforming companies) operate throughout New Zealand, each offering their own range of profiles. They also offer fascia and gutter systems. Please contact them for details. Select the profile and ensure that the proposed roof design exceeds the minimum pitch for the profile. Select the fascia and gutter system for this environment.

What maintenance is required?

This is listed in our New Zealand Steel Environmental Categories Guide. Ongoing maintenance can be reduced though good design.


Who will install the roof?

House image displayed on the checklist page under product COLORSTEEL®

An appropriately trained roofer should install your roof. We suggest you contact the Roofing Association of New Zealand for a roofer in your area.


Roofing Association of New Zealand

Private Bag 302 272
North Harbour
New Zealand

Phone:  +64 9 415 0278
Fax: +64 9 415 0279