A team of experts present a range of new colours

Colour is important. That’s why we gathered a team of industry professionals to help select a new range of colours for our New Zealand-made steel, a range selected by the experts, for the experts. This ArchitecturalSeries consists of seven colours, each reflecting an aspect of the flora, fauna and landscapes of New Zealand.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 4.17.15 PM.jpg

New COLORSTEEL® Architectural Series

Our ArchitecturalSeries is a contemporary take on natural colours, providing the freedom to design and create in even the most diverse of environments. We want to make it as simple as possible to incorporate a distinctly local hue into your designs. So now we're handing you the palette to express the inherent structural and natural beauty of New Zealand.

The ArchitecturalSeries colours are available in COLORSTEEL® Endura® and COLORSTEEL® Maxx®.

Colours shown on this website are indicative only. To see exact COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel samples, please contact your local COLORSTEEL® roofing supplier.