Auckland Unitary Plan and Zincalume® steel 01 Sep 2014

ZINCALUME® steel is a high quality product manufactured by New Zealand Steel. The product was introduced to the New Zealand market in 1994 and has replaced galvanised steel as the predominant longrun metal roofing and cladding material.

Galvanised steel exhibits high levels of zinc in runoff from roofing and cladding. By contrast, ZINCALUME® steel exhibits significantly lower levels. New Zealand Steel believes that as old galvanised material is replaced with ZINCALUME®, the zinc runoff from steel roofing will significantly reduce.

New Zealand Steel has made a submission in relation to the Proposed Plan seeking guidance as to whether the installation of ZINCALUME® coated steel fell within the definition of a high-contaminant generating area. Note, ZINCALUME® contains a clear coating, but it is unclear whether that coating is sufficient to exclude it from the definition.

Auckland Council has written to New Zealand Steel stating "In view of the ambiguities in the definition, and the fact that the rules and definition will be the subject of scrutiny and technical evidence during the hearing process on the Proposed Plan, the Council has taken the view that, until the Proposed Plan provisions are confirmed, ZINCALUME® roofing, spouting and external walls cladding and architectural features will not require resource consent where their area exceeds the installation thresholds in the rule".

Recently restrictions were applied to one project, however once this was brought to our attention we were able to quickly resolve this with Auckland Council. In the unlikely event that you experience similar restrictions, please contact Pat Dwyer, Technical Marketing Manager, 09-375-8092,