Strengthening the future

At New Zealand Steel, we have a responsibility to one another, to our families, customers, shareholders and the broader community, to build a sustainable business that contributes to protecting all of our futures.

As part of the global BlueScope organisation with thousands of employees who share passion and expertise in one of the world’s most useful materials, steel, we see an opportunity for New Zealand Steel to contribute and make a real difference.


Our Purpose sets the course for BlueScope and gives us the courage and confidence to deliver what matters to our communities around the world, and to attract and retain the very best people to enable us to get there.

We want to see our people thrive on the opportunity Our Purpose presents, working together to inspire our customers, meeting our sustainability commitments, delivering value to our shareholders and strengthening all our communities for the future.

Our Bond outlines the guiding principles that strengthen our business every day. It identifies our key stakeholders, guides how we work together and conduct ourselves, and continues to be our benchmark for success and choosing to do what is right.

Just like Our Purpose, hundreds of employees contributed to the creation of Our Bond in 2013, and its relevance today is testament to its importance to our organisation.

Together, Our Purpose, Bond and Strategy define the way BlueScope develops, manufactures and sells steel products and solutions, while building our own resilience and capacity to drive a sustainable future.