Steltech® Structural Beams

Use Steltech® Beams because they are Smart Engineering

Steltech® manufacture columns and beams to almost any size, shape, or length so we give engineers the freedom to design the perfectly optimised beam for any application.

As loads vary across a structure, we can fabricate members to the exact size needed to meet the loading in each part of the structure. By contrast, with imported hot rolled sections, engineers size the members to meet their critical load, so they have to be heavier overall. Often we achieve average weight savings of 25% to 35% over hot rolled beams - less weight means less cost*.

Steltech® Members are an Economic Option

Although Steltech welded members can cost 25% to 30% more per tonne than imported hot rolled sections, this is offset by:

  • weight savings generated through optimising the design.
  • 10 to 15% in reduced waste and fabrication costs - as members are manufactured to individual length and shape

Free Engineering Design

Talk to Steltech® to ensure that you have the most efficient structural design. Our engineers have years of experience designing cost effective and efficient structures - so savings are only a phone call away!

Need a structure designed? Give us a call and we will give you the technical advice you need - or even design your structure for you free of charge!

Steltech® - the Smart solution for:

  • Industrial and Commercial Building Structures
  • Car Parks and Multi-Story Buildings
  • Columns and Piles
  • Bridges
  • Crane Rails
  • Large sign posts
  • And many more applications, even artwork

* These savings are an indication from our experience over a range of building designs. Actual weight savings will vary depending on the specific loading conditions and design for any particular building.


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