Glenbrook Consent Applications (2021/22)

In April and June 2021, NZ Steel lodged two applications with Auckland Council to replace existing resource consents relating to activities at its Glenbrook integrated steel mill. The issue of new resource consents will provide for continuing operations of the NZ Steel business.

Our Environmental Team worked with environmental consultants to prepare an Assessment of Environmental Effects relating to the site discharges to air, discharges of treated process water and stormwater to the coastal marine area (Waiuku Estuary) and discharge of treated stormwater to on-site freshwater streams. This process involved evaluation of the extensive historic compliance monitoring data set, additional marine and freshwater ecological assessments and other technical evaluations. The two Assessment of Environmental Effects reports will inform Councils evaluation of the NZ Steel resource consent application. 

When resource consents come up for renewal there is an opportunity for NZ Steel to review its performance with the iwi and the local community. If you would like to enquire about our consenting process, please contact us. Or if you would like to know more about the process of applying for a consent application and how you can be involved, the Ministry for the Environment website has a useful guide outlining each stage of the process in detail. To view, click here>

Through the process of evaluating the environmental effects of an activity, the Council will set out specific standards, limits and requirements to ensure that any adverse effects on the local environment are avoided or minimised. New resource consents will then be issued setting out specific conditions which NZ Steel will need to meet, including measurement and monitoring of all discharges.


Update of Consenting Process – July 2021

  • Auckland Council Premium Consenting Team:-
    - Read both the air and water consent application documents and advised NZ Steel they are complete;
    - Drafting a list of questions for further discussion with NZ Steel and its consultants on aspects of the application;
  • Discussing and preparing response to Council questions on the air discharge consent application;
  • Continued engagement with iwi and the local community organisations with provision of the full application documents, where requested;
  • Briefing to the Environment Committee, which includes Council and community representatives, on the key aspects of the Assessment of Environmental Effects;
  • Preparation for additional water quality and ecological monitoring in freshwater streams