For the building and construction industry we manufacture a range of hot rolled products, prepainted steel and coated steel products.

Hot Rolled Steel

Hot rolled steel is manufactured in a variety of grades for high strength, structural applications including flooring and beams.


Available in a range of colours and grades to suit just about any environment, COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel is a premium product for roofing, fascia, cladding, guttering and fencing. With COLORSTEEL®, you can design a home that's as individual as you are.


The product of world-leading technology, our ZINCALUME® zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel has superior anti-corrosion performance when compared to ordinary galvanised steel. Its inherent strength, durability and useability make it ideal for a range of building and manufacturing applications.


GALVSTEEL® steel is a hot-dipped, zinc-coated steel available in a range of yield strengths and thicknesses for a wide variety of applications across the building and construction sector. Its mechanical properties make it suitable for forming, welding, fastening and painting.

AXXIS® Steel for Framing

Axxis® Steel for Framing is a brand of galvanised, high-tensile steel supplied by New Zealand Steel to New Zealand's house framing market.


New Zealand Steel's manufacturing division, Steltech® produces beams for optimised steel structures. This gives designers and owners the ability to create visually interesting buildings that use efficient design to provide cost effective space.