Supporting the Community

New Zealand Steel and it's employees are proud to be supporting the community.

We actively seek opportunities to share our successes with the community and we do that in a very focussed and deliberate way. Franklin is home to our operation and home to a large percentage of our employees; our community programme reflects the scale of our presence. We are totally committed to caring for our workforce, our community and environment. Our community safety and environmental responsibilities are integral to the way we do business.

The priority areas for our community support are:

  • Young people - Ideally through projects that address issues such as health, well-being, skills development and employment opportunities.
  • Education - Support for academic and other skills development and environmental awareness.
  • Safety - Through projects that address safety issues and result in improvement.

These are some of the projects that we have supported through community sponsorships. While sponsorship is the largest area of financial assistance we provide for the community, we also make donations to a range of causes including schools, community special events and charitable organisations.