COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel has protected New Zealand homes for over 30 years. With contemporary designer colours and proven performance, COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel is the smart choice when it comes to roofing and cladding your home.


COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel has been extensively tested and proven in some of New Zealand's most extreme UV, wind, rain, snow and ice environments. All COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel systems have undergone extensive long-term exposure testing to ensure colour performance and durability.

With its hard-wearing, baked-on paint finish, COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel is designed to impede flaking, peeling and fading to deliver long-term, low maintenance performance. Non-combustible, lightweight and secure, COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel is designed to protect your home for many years to come.

All New Zealand Steel products are produced under the ISO9001 quality management system, ensuring consistency and reliability.

For peace of mind, insist on authentic COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel; look for the brand on the reverse side of the COLORSTEEL® sheet.

Thermal efficiency for year round comfort

All standard colours* in the COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel range are optimised for solar reflectance technology. When combined with standard insultation levels, solar reflectance technology is designed to maintain greater thermal comfort all year round, while using less energy.

*Excluding Ebony, KowhaiGlow® and FlaxPod®.

Solar panel compatible

COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel is fully compatible with most photovoltaic systems installed as independent panels, when separated from the roof in accordance with guidance given in Guide to good practice - steel roofing and photovoltaic panels.

For alternative systems where panels are in direct contact with COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel, please contact us for guidance.

The right choice for your home

COLORSTEEL® Endura® prepainted steel is the perfect choice for mild, moderate and severe environments throughout New Zealand. COLORSTEEL® Maxx® prepainted steel has been designed for superior performance and toughness in extreme environmental conditions.

Other brands in the COLORSTEEL® range include:

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Find Technical Documents

Environmental Categories & Product Maintenance Brochure


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