New Zealand Steel introduced ZINCALUME®, zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel in 1994 and it's been popular with architects and homeowners ever since for its durability and aesthetic qualities.

Zincalume® product uses:

  • Roofing and Flashings
  • Wall Cladding
  • Gutters and Downpipes
  • Fences
  • Garage Doors
  • Garden Sheds
Zincalume - Ara Winery Closeup

Zincalume® coating:

The ZINCALUME® coated steel has been formulated to give a significantly longer service life than a galvanised coating. This is of particular value in New Zealand where the prevailing winds carry corrosive salt laden air many kilometres inland.

The ZINCALUME® steel coating combines the corrosion protection of aluminium with the sacrificial protection of zinc to create an alloy that's ideal for roofing and cladding in New Zealand's demanding environment.

Molten Zinc/Alum

ZINCALUME® coated steel is produced by a continuous hot dip process similar to that used to manufacture galvanised steel. While both ZINCALUME® steel and galvanised steel products have a steel base, galvanised steel has a coating of 100% zinc, whereas ZINCALUME® coated steel has an alloy coating of 43.5% zinc, 55% aluminium and 1.5% silicon. ZINCALUME® coated steel conforms to AS1397:2011.

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Zincalume® Coated Steel brochure

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