Steltech® Structural Beams

Innovation Is In Our Blood

We introduced optimised steel beams to New Zealand in the early 1990’s so we have almost 20 years experience designing and manufacturing them for a wide range of New Zealand, Australian, and Pacific Island customers.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand Steel Ltd, New Zealand’s largest steel making facility, the only plate steel manufacturer, and world pioneer of the process to make steel from natural iron sand.

New Zealand Steel Ltd are in turned owned by BlueScope Steel Ltd.

Steltech started operating on their Takanini site in 1986 making rolled formed sheet metal components for buildings and pioneering a number of roll forming techniques in New Zealand.

Through their involvement in the construction market they realised that there was an opportunity to supply a more efficient portal frame system than the imported Hot Rolled Sections used at the time.

After researching several alteratives they settled on developing an optimised welded beam system as this gave the flexibility needed for a small market like New Zealand and also had the added advantange of being able to utilise New Zealand Steel manufactured plate displacing imported steel.

The custom welded beam system developed by Steltech is based around a Climax Pull Welder that automatically aligns the flanges and webs then uses two twin wire Lincoln Submerged Arc welders to fillet weld each side.

To allow us to make beams longer than the available 12 metre plate length Steltech also invested in three splicing work stations that allowed us to splice shorter lengths of plate together so that we can make single piece beams up to 24 metres in length.

The Steltech manufacturing process virtually created a new market for wide clear span buildings.  Prior to the availability of these custom welded beams designers had to use mid span columns and expensive fabrication processes to create haunched beams.

To support their welded beam technology in 1995 Steltech invested in developing MemDes, a piece of software that assists engineers with designing efficient steel members including custom welded beams from Steltech.  This program is still widely used by engineers in New Zealand and overseas to design a wide variety of steel structures.

With these new tools designers continued to push the enevelop of what was possible with the Steltech product creating larger and larger spans.  To meet the demands of the industry Steltech developed their "Heavy Side" beam assembly process that gave them the capability to fabricate larger and heavier beams than could go through the Climax.

One of the first major projects to go through the Heavy Side was much of the structure of the Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter expansion project.