Steltech® Structural Beams

We manufacture Steltech® Welded Beams

Steltech manufacture beams from plate steel using submerged arc welding.  Our most common configuration is a “three plate I or H beam” with two flanges and a web but we can make “C”, “T”, or box beam configurations if required.

We manufacture all Steltech welded members to the specified length and end shape, in accordance with the customer's shop drawings in our standard Component Drawing format.  The final fabrication work is done by the customer's chosen steel fabricator.

Other than "H" Piles our standard is to provide single sided fillet welds on most members are welded single sided. Double side welding is available as an optional extra on all member types.

Manufacturing Process Refined Over Many Years

It starts with high strength hot rolled plate supplied by New Zealand steel then accurately CNC profile cut into webs and flanges using drawings from our customers.  If the finished beams are longer than the available plate length we splice the plates using full penetration submerged arc butt welds.

We then tack the flanges and webs in place and fillet weld using our automated pull through submerged arc welder or semi-automatic tractor welder.  After going through our finishing department and final quality inspections the beams are available for collection by your favourite fabricator.

Our Standard Product Configurations Are:

• Custom Tapered Beams
• Steltech Cellular or Castellated Beams
• Standard Welded Beams
• High Capacity Sections
• Curved Beams
• Steltech "H" piles
• Special Designer Welded Members
• Steltech Tri-beam
• Non symmetrical sections

A wide range of plate thicknesses are available, allowing the designer to select almost any thickness and depth combination to give a virtually infinite range of structural members.


We are experienced at designing structures that meet customer's needs.  We can work with your engineer to provide preliminary designs, provide complete designs that include connectors and producer statement, or just have a chat to give you advice.  Our primary engineering contact is Jamie Macredie.  Click here to email Jamie .

If you can also complete one of our Beam Design Requests forms and we will design the beam for you and email or fax you back with the details of the beams.