Local Steel for Auckland’s City Rail Link

When 50mm reinforcing steel bar was needed for the City Rail link, Pacific Steel were able to rise to the challenge to develop a product solution made locally in Otahuhu out of steel produced by New Zealand Steel.

City Rail link is New Zealand’s first ever underground railway. It is made up of a 3.45km twin-tunnel which runs up to 42 metres below the Auckland city centre and links up to the already established rail network. The project is due for completion in 2024 and aims to double the rail capacity, meaning more trains, more often.

Pacific Steel were given the challenge to produce a 50mm reinforcing steel bar for the City Rail link. They quickly committed the required time and resources to make this happen, pulling together their manufacturing, technical and supply chain expertise to develop a product solution, the first of its kind to be manufactured in New Zealand. These 50mm steel bars are now holding up the historic Chief Post Office building which the rail tunnels run under, helping to advance Auckland’s future transport network and preserve a historic landmark. Due to the recent focus on infrastructure, significant short lead times are critical. Approximately 25,000 tonnes of locally produced reinforcing steel will be used over a three to four-year period, providing economic and social benefits to future generations.

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